The Bot Squad: Join The Robolution in Launch

10/16/2014 08:38 am by William Hankin in NewsPuzzleiOS

The Bot Squad

The Bot Squad

With endless news about global warming and energy problems, it is only fitting that there's a new puzzle game which sees players defend what's left of their energy in a city suffering from an energy crisis. Welcome to Dynamo city, a world full of red and blue robots fighting it out to gain and save as much energy as possible.
Whilst this game shares a lot of similarities with other puzzle games, like Bloxorz, it does have some unique elements of its own. It's refreshing to see a puzzle game that incorporates different game modes, in this case a mix of classic puzzle and tower defense. Your goal is to stop the waves of red robots from getting your energy orbs by placing attack-bots and defense-bots in their way. Then, the tables turn and you become the pursuer of their energy and have to wind your way around the red bots maze.
This mobile game might be no test for people like Steven Hawking, but don’t let the sweet graphics and cute sound effects fool you, as the guys and girls over at Ubisoft ensure that it's quite a challenge! Download the game now in your iTunes or Google Play Store. 

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