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The Bot Squad
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The Bot Squad Description

You are looking for a mobile game where you have to defend your base from attacks? A game that successfully combines action with tactical thinking? This app combines both and it also adds robots to the mix…


The guys and girls over at Ubisoft surely know how to create a fun game. They took a bit of Clash of Clans, mixed it with some MechWarrior Online, and sprinkled in some puzzle game elements. Et voilà, the result was The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles. The mobile game developed by Ubisoft Shanghai combines your favorite parts of tower defense games with puzzle games to create a unique gaming experience centered around robots. As we all know, robots need one thing to function, namely energy! This is what your daily battle in the free-to-play mobile game will be all about.

In Ubisoft’s app, you compete in more than 180 unique puzzle challenges to collect or defend energy units. Villainous Re-Volt forces have invaded Dynamo City, the capital for energy in the world of The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles. All bots will be doomed if they don't have access to energy! It is up to you to join the Bot Squad to face the Resistor and claim the energy back!

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles allows you to play in an offensive or defensive position. Always make sure to play according to your bots’ abilities to successfully attack an opposing base or defend yourself against inimical attacks. When you play in an offensive position, you have to grab all the Orbs from the core without losing any of your bots. Make sure to grab all the Orbs before the time runs out to perfectly complete the level. If you’re playing in defense, you have to prevent all bots from reaching the core. Don’t let a single bot take any Orbs from the core to perfectly complete this mode.

Each level has tower defense elements that need to be fought against and various puzzles that need to be solved in order to collect the valuable energy units. All of the 180 stages are categorized into four different types of game modes. Make sure to master them all!

The free-to-play mobile game is available for Android smartphones and tablets and iPhones and iPads.

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