The Banner Saga: Factions
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The Banner Saga: Factions
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The Banner Saga: Factions Description

Have you had enough of fighting the same old fantasy creatues? Are you sick and tired of bashing in goblin skulls and hunting down orc families? Then sign up for this download game and enter the snowy world of Nordic warriors and join the Viking life.


The Banner Saga: Factions is a free-to-play and online strategy game set in a Viking world. After playing through the tutorial you will be facing other players, as this client game only features multiplayer gameplay. Player-versus-player combat will force you to sharpen your skills and work on a strategy that is both solid and risky. Even though the matchmaking system will always team you up with gamers of a similar experience level, you never know who you are up against. There are plenty of combinations to choose from in this online game, which is featured on Steam. Your assembly of heroes is made up of six unique characters ranging from archers to warleaders. Each and every adventurer has its unique abilities and attributes. Unlocking Renown, the main currency in The Banner Saga: Factions, will help you hire additional champions in the Mead House and strengthen your team.

Keep in mind that your troops will not always stay the same rookie explorers they were when you first recruited them. Playing matches against other players and taking down enemy units will increase their rank and eventually unlock further specializations. Customizing your characters is the best way to come up with a unique strategy that no one has ever tried before. The Banner Saga - Factions features turn-based combat, meaning that you will always have a couple of seconds to think about your next move. Using the most precious resource, namely willpower, will grant you extra damage or movement speed during battles, but will not replenish afterwards. So use it wisely!

Before launching an attack on the foe of your choice, think about the most efficient play. If the battlefield is littered with enemy troops, then send in your melee giant and activate your sweep ability that damages all nearby targets. To save archers and weaker characters from surprise attacks, keep them at the back of the battlefield. Keep in mind that the life bar displays both your health points and strength. The more hit points you lose, the weaker you get. This strategy-meets-roleplay game is available for both PCs and Macs; just be careful not to mix it up with the single-player version simply called The Banner Saga, which costs money to play.

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