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Terra Bellica
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Terra Bellica Description

You are tasked with founding an empire and ensuring the future of its people. Explore a world as you venture across the land in search of treasure and riches...


Terra Bellica is a free-to-play browser strategy game where you must found a kingdom and harvest resources to develop it into a thriving empire. You must battle foes and monsters as your travel to discover new areas by land and sea.

In Terra Bellica you will start off with just one hero. Using this hero, you will found a city where you see fit and begin the journey to create your kingdom. Upgrade your castle to gather resources to fund your ever growing populace.

Terra Bellica requires you to develop your military as well as political skills. By harvesting resources, you can recruit troops. Over 20 different unique troops are available to you including various infantry and sea units. Diplomacy must be used and you must persuade your allies or enemies to side with you in a conflict or avoid the conflict all together.

You will find many things as you travel throughout the world in Terra Bellica. Although you have a home city and castle where your kingdom is based, you can journey around in an expansive environment. Discover new items to equip your powerful hero with and battle foes that happen upon you in an attempt to kill you.

If you find yourself having the same ideals and goals as those around you in the game, you may start a clan. A clan is a group of people united under one banner and are striving towards a common goal. You can also join a clan in Terra Bellica if there is one already established and you would like to join.

Found a city and upgrade your castle to keep your inhabitants safe. Venture across the world and overseas to discover new lands and treasures. Make friends and enemies alike as you strive to prove yourself in the free-to-play browser strategy game, Terra Bellica.

by Kyle Hayth

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