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The free-to-play online game Tera offers players many ways to put their skills to the test and challenge their peers, one of them being the newly introduced Kumasylum. If you think the name sounds a little bit weird, then just wait for what the battleground is all about. Here, you get to wear diapers, protect precious candy or take down massive kumas in a group effort. This madhouse of a player-versus-player arena pits two teams against each other: While Team A has ten players and follows the objective of having to steal rock candy, Team B represents the three defenders trying to hinder their opponents from taking what is theirs.

Will this chest hold the valuable rock candy?

Joining the Kumasylum battleground will most likely - depending on the current demand - put you in a queue. After the wait is over, you automatically are invited to join the fun. Leaving or going AFK before the match ends will leave you with the Deserter’s Shame debuff, keeping you from joining another arena or dungeon for 30 minutes. Having that said, these are the rules:
  • Players need to locate treasure chests and safely return rock candy to the loading dock.
  • Not every chest holds the sought-after diamonds. Only the defenders know where it’s hidden.
  • Chests can not only spawn on the ground level. Time to explore every nook and cranny!
  • Once three rocks have been recovered, the match is instantly won by the attackers.
  • If they manage to bring back two crystals within the given time frame, they also win.
  • Picking up rock candy will slow you down and keep you from defending yourself.
  • The defending team consist of two babies, one nanny - all with special abilities to ward off intruders.

Beware of the nanny!

The newest Tera battleground is available to all players that have reached level 30. There are various quests that will send you to the Kumasylum and once you are 60, daily quests will help you receive bonus rewards. Don't worry about falling behind more advanced players when joining this player-versus-player arena, as everyone's skills will be scaled to the maximum level. If you are interested in finding another way of gaining additional experience points, credits or reputation or simply want to compete against friends, feel free to join the Kumasylum by clicking on the Battleground Matching button that's located next to your compass.

Source: Official game homepage
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