Tera: Quick Guide to Achievement Hunting

11/10/2013 04:00 am by Anna Radak in Tips & TricksDownload GamesFantasy

Achievements are a way of keeping track of major milestones in online games, including Tera. Players of the free-to-play MMORPG have just recently been introduced to the new progress system, and we’re here to give you an overview of what achievements do. What are they? What do they do? And why should you care? Keep reading, ladies and gentlemen.
Similar to any other game that has achievements, there are goals for every difficulty. We recommend checking the achievement list to get started with a couple of easy ones such as joining a guild, looting one rare item or playing for six hours straight. Yep, Tera rewards you for playing several hours on end. Speaking of rewards: Completing certain goals gives you more than just the feeling of accomplishment. While achievements will generally never give you an advantage over other players, they can unlock decorative items, weapon skins or exclusive mounts. Basically, achievements grant you the ultimate bragging rights in form of cosmetic accessories or special titles. Like this snazzy raptor, for example:
The game’s system will automatically save any progress you make, so don’t worry about losing something you have already achieved! You’ll probably unlock certain tasks while leveling up your characters, but some deeds require extra attention. Grab a couple of friends before trying to finish achievements that include high-level content. Having everyone on board will not only help you complete the task, but also add to your friends’ progress. Always let your group members know what you are currently trying to achieve and that it could take a little more effort than, say, a run-of-the-mill dungeon run. That way, they can prepare for the challenge and know what’s ahead.
Last but not least, always keep an eye out for seasonal achievements during events. That includes Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
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