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Not too long ago, Tera players were able to rejoice over the game’s latest expansion. Fate of Arun introduced several new goodies to the free-to-play online game, including a higher level cap, another continent and both new dungeons and battlegrounds to conquer. Now, En Masse Entertainment (Zombies Monsters Robots) has announced the release date of the next update. Albeit smaller, this content will certainly change the face of the Exiled Realm of Arborea for experienced players and newbies alike. The next update will mainly focus on guilds and is said to launch February 24th. Just a few more weeks to go!
So what can Tera players expect from the new update? The following things:
New Dungeons
While the Sky Cruiser Endeavor is a brand-new addition to the MMORPG and counts as the toughest challenge yet, the Bathysmal Rise will receive a makeover and appear in a new guise.
New PvP Possibilities
Once the new Tera update launches, players get to visit the Champion’s Skyring to battle it out in a 5-versus-5 arena. Which team will bring home the win? You decide...
Crusades and Skycastles
Undoubtedly the two biggest new features to make their way to the free-to-play online game are Crusades and Skycastles. The former is a new way for guilds to prove their strength in competitive PvE and PvP leagues; the latter is a housing system that will give the best alliances a new home.

The new update for Tera will be made available for free on February 24th.

Source: Official game homepage
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