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Choose your Hero and Fight Online in the MMORPG TERA

Experience hard-hitting battles alongside your friends in an impressive fantasy world. This action-packed free MMORPG features loads of fantasy battle


In the free-to-play MMORPG Tera, you dive into a fantastic new world with hundreds of monsters, more than 80 zones, and thousands of quests. If you are craving a new action-oriented roleplaying game with a rich history and profound lore, you should take a closer look at Tera. The game is like no other MMORPG, as it includes 10 different playable classes, and a massive fantasy world waiting to be explored by players.

Created by the titans known as Shara and Arun, this world is plagued with constant warfare between the gods. This magical world is the stage for the 3D MMORPG, full of adventure, friendship and excitement. There are more than six different peoples that have survived these waging battles and formed an alliance, known as the Valkyon Federation, in order to face off against a new and terrible power that has arisen. The Argons, a metallic race from deep beneath the surface of the world, has risen up and pushed the world of Tera to the brink of destruction. Heroes are needed more than ever.

10 Playable Classes

Anyone that has played an MMORPG before like Echo of Soul or Guild Wars 2 will know what it's like to choose a class. The thing that makes TERA so exciting is the sheer amount of classes available to play. After the TERA download has finished, you are invited to choose form one of 10 varied and well-designed classes. There really is a class for everyone in this free-to-play game. It doesn’t matter if you like to deal massive damage from afar, or be on the frontlines in the heat of the battle, there’s a perfect choice for you in TERA. Now it is up to you to heed the call for heroes and take on the role of a powerful warrior. Choose your race, gender, and class to create the hero you want to be. This is where you decide what role you play on the way to defeating the Argons. Check out some of the classes in the MMORPG below:

  • Gunner: These are damage dealers that can take a beating. Weilding a massive gun, they can utilize bombs to take down their enemies.
  • Priest: The Priest is a divine caster that can heal the wounds of allies and burn enemies that stand in his way.
  • Lancer: This class is not for the faint-hearted. The Lancer will be on the front lines defending his allies from damage and creating a shield around them.
  • Reaper: This master of stealth can cut down enemies in single attacks using their unique chain weapons.

Are you a mighty beserker from the Amani people or would you rather master the healing powers of a priest as one of the high elves? Perhaps you would prefer to be one of the Popori, a race of bestial protectors of nature. Whatever you decide, you will have to master the skills of your character and class if you wish to survive, much less win the war.

Massive Battles Online

Battles in Tera take place in real time, either as a group against computer-controlled monster hordes and terrible boss-monsters or against one another. This is where you can really show that you have mastered not only your skills but the tactics needed to be a legendary hero in the free-to-play roleplaying game. Tera constantly gets new game updates and expansions, never allowing your gaming experience to get monotonous. Once you have mastered your class and character, you can enter the battlefield in this free MMORPG and show off your skills to the thousands of players online.

If you think that TERA sounds like your kind of game, then click the button below to head over to the official TERA website and download the game for free to your PC.

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    11/23/2014 04:00 am - Tera players will only have to wait a couple more weeks until they can climb their way towards a new level cap, explore a brand-new continent and take on tricky challenges either alone or with their friends. The new expansion will be available soon...more

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    05/02/2014 02:45 am - Dual blades, chains and dark magic: The Reaper has everything a valiant hero could need. Starting May 13th, anyone who has at least one level 40 character will be able to try out the new class and explore the fantasy world of Tera once more...more

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    01/30/2015 07:45 am - Not too long ago, Tera players could rejoice over the game’s latest expansion. Fate of Arun introduced several new goodies to the free-to-play online game, including a higher level cap, another continent and both new dungeons and battlegrounds...more

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