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What to expect:
  • Real Time Strategy Game for Your Browser
  • PvP Battles and PvE Challenges
  • Get the Blessing of the Gods to Change the Weather
  • Research in Various Sciences
  • Extraordinary Setting
  • Browser Games
  • Ancient World
  • Jungle
  • Online Games
  • Strategy
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Play the RTS Tentlan for Free in Your Browser

Experience the world of the Maya and build your very own city in Tentlan. You will make your very first steps in the rainforest.


The real-time strategy game Tentlan definitely has one of the more extraordinary settings for a game of this genre. The developers of this browser game are taking you on a journey through the rainforest. Various tribes are settling down here, trying to found impressive societies. You will be one of them in this free-to-play RTS. Your goal is to build your very own ancient city. Piece by piece, your settlement turns into a fascinating and expansive empire.

The Power of the Gods

In order to be successful in Tentlan, you will need more than just a few buildings. In this browser based game, you need to constantly encourage research and try to utilize new technologies to advance your settlement. Mathematics, agriculture, diplomacy, and architecture are just a few of the sciences that you get to explore in the strategy game.

While science and research are one major focus of your society, they are also heavily influenced by their beliefs. Devote a lot of time into ancient rituals to guarantee the support of the gods. Some of these rituals will even allow you to influence some things in your day-to-day activities in the game. Soon, you’ll have learned how to change weather patterns and make use of the various seasons of the year.

You will need more than just a clever way of managing your resources if you want to constantly expand your settlement. As you might be familiar with from other games of the genre, you need to devote some time and attention to your troops. A well-balanced army allows you to successfully battle it out against other players. You can also take on and attack barbarian villages.

Sun Temple at the Center of Your Actions

The sun temple is at the center of your city. Here, you get all the important information you need to manage your city. Find out how quickly your population is growing and whether your food supplies suffice. One of the most important aspects of Tentlan is insuring that your population is always well-fed.

You should also make sure to look for other players and tribes, as you can team up with them. With some support at your side, you will feel a lot more secure in the real-time strategy game Tentlan.

Tentlan Screenshots

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