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Temple Run
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Temple Run Description

Join the 500 million other players leaping through the addictive world of Temple Run. As a thief beset on collecting cursed idols, the Evil Demon Monkeys are on your heels. Run, jump and slide your way out of tight situations.


Step into the shoes of a conniving thief moments after securing your latest golden prize. Unfortunately, your recent acquisition comes at a price that you could not predict. In fact, it has been cursed by the Evil Demon Monkeys leaving you only one last skill to utilize; escape. Your ability to run, leap and duck your way to freedom is all that matters. With the Evil Demon Monkeys hot on your heels you’ll need quick reactions and on-the-spot decision making to escape to freedom in Temple Run.

Your standard human abilities are just the beginning in the captivating casual title from Imangi Studios. As players progress through the various levels full of obstacles, sheer cliffs, and enraged monkeys, they must collect coins to unlock various power-ups and new characters. In the course of the mobile app, players can begin acquiring even more amazing powers, which allow the nefarious thieves to escape certain death. The addictive gameplay of Temple Run has enthralled over 500 million players already.

Test fate if you dare: You’ll need the quickest reflexes and the ability to adapt instantly to your surroundings if you hope to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys’ vengeance. Power-ups and cheating death only gives so much leeway as players scramble down ancient temples, hop across cliffs, and slide and leap over various obstacles to freedom. Not being able to complete a level on the first try is not the end of the world - just take a deep breath and try again. Be quick if you want to put your competition to shame and reach a new highscore in this free mobile game.

Come join the millions of others that have dared to steal from the Evil Demon Monkeys and managed to escape. Failing to escape doesn’t mean that you’ve lost, so long as you beat the high score of your friends! This will grant you the ultimate bragging rights once and for all...

Temple Run Screenshots

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