Temple Run 2: Two New Objectives are Ready to Play!

01/12/2015 06:59 am by William Hankin in NewsActionAdventure

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

New objectives have just been introduced in this high-adrenalin endless runner game which features gameplay similar to other titles like Subway Surfers and Looney Tunes Dash. Temple Run 2 takes temple exploration to another level in a Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones style game, where players must run for their lives around the remains of a derelict temple after stealing artifacts from cannibalistic killer monkeys. Granted, it is highly illegal what the main characters are doing and it would annoy anyone if their precious possessions got stolen, so it’s not hard to see why the monkeys are so angry. The characters probably don’t deserve to be eaten though.
Not only are there 2 new objectives to this endless runner mobile game, but players can also get a free save me for watching a video advertisement. We know, it's hard to contain the excitement at the prospect of watching more pointless ads. So, a big well done to the developers of this free-to-play title, Imangi Studios, for craftily introducing new ways to bore us to death with adverts.

Stay tuned for more Temple Run 2 news!

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