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Temple Run 2
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Temple Run 2 Description

Time to collect as many artifacts and lifetime coins as humanly possible while dodging obstacles and escaping the iron grip of the monkeys that live in the trees of this mobile game. Make good use of the power-ups and boosts you get to unlock on the way!


Time to do some cardio training and put on your running shorts, as Temple Run has returned to mobile phones and tablets everywhere. The sequel to the popular endless runner sends you on another journey through the jungle and other dangerous environments. It’s your turn to speed up, jump, and help your character across obstacles. While you're at it, try to collect as many points as you can by sliding your finger across the touchscreen. Not everyone is quick enough to escape the curse of the golden idol, so get ready to prove your agility, nimble fingers and quick reflexes to other Temple Run 2 players!

While the underlying story of Temple Run 2 is clearly not the focus when you look at how much running there is to be done, here’s the gist of it: You control various characters that have stolen ancient artifacts from the temple and are now trying to escape as quickly as possible. The creatures of the jungle, monkeys and other ferocious beasts, are not happy with the sudden change of events and are trying to stop you from getting away - and trust us, you don’t want them to catch you. This is why it is extremely important that you take advantage of every zip line, mine cart and boost you can find in this free-to-play mobile game available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

From Guy Dangerous to Barry Bones: Each Temple Run 2 character has unique powers that will help you get across the finish line in as little time as possible or achieve an even higher score. Make use of the runner's innate talents to crack the current highscore and reach the top of the official ranking. While Karma Lee comes with a bonus point power-up, the character of Francisco Montoya has access to a shield boost. Keep in mind that daily challenges and a wide array of achievements await you in this mobile game, so there’s more to Temple Run 2 than just safely getting through the regular maps.

Temple Run 2 Screenshots

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Temple Run 2 News

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    12/03/2015 06:48 am - It’s December 3rd, which means that we only scratched the surface of winter and Christmas updates in online and mobile gaming. You can bet that every browser game will have one, some download games, and many mobile games. Temple Run 2 has been out fo...more

  • Temple Run 2: Valentine's Day Update Introduces Bruce Lee

    02/12/2015 04:39 am - It’s amazing to see how games adapt to fit in with a public holiday like Valentine's Day, especially when the game is themed so differently. Particularly in title’s like Temple Run 2, where you...more

  • Temple Run 2: Two New Objectives are Ready to Play!

    01/12/2015 06:59 am - New objectives have just been introduced into this high-adrenalin endless runner game. Temple Run 2 takes temple exploration to another level in a Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones style game, where players must run for their lives around the remains...more

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