Tekken Card Tournament
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Tekken Card Tournament
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Tekken Card Tournament Description

A mix of fighting and card game, with the right combination of strategy and skill you can achieve the highest of high scores. This online game is available for multiple platforms and is even playable when on the go.


Tekken Card Tournament is exactly what the name suggests: a tournament in which various cards play an important role alongside the traditional one on one combat of the Tekken series. Utilizing cards alongside technical fighting skill, you go toe to toe with opponents to decide which one of you is the more powerful fighter. The goals are simple, compile the perfect deck of cards and send your legendary character into the ring. Tactics will do a great deal to send your enemies packing after a swift K.O.. Although the Tekken universe has never before seen the inclusion of collectible playing cards, many of the other game mechanics are long known staples of the franchise. As with all of the previous games, your single goal is to reduce your opponents HP to zero, before they are able to do the same to you. Through your various duels you will earn points to spend on unlocking various things such as new cards, upgrades and characters to be used in battle.

In 1994 the first entry into the Tekken series was published. Since then characters such as Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Paul Phoenix have become widely recognized figures in the world of gaming. In Tekken Card Tournament you now have the opportunity to collect many of these famous fighters and enlist them to fight for you. This free to play game from Namco Bandai is available not only in browsers, but also on most smartphones and tablets. With this cross platform model and the online functionality of the game, you will always be able to stay connected with your friends, no matter what devices you are playing on.

by Jonathan Smith

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