Editorial Staff
Dennis Hartmann

Dennis HartmannEditor in Chief

Started in:March 2013

Favorite Genre:MOBA, Action, FPS

Biggest Strength:Flip out if I lose!

Biggest Weakness:Looking back and feeling bad about how much I flipped out

Nico Trendelkamp

Nico TrendelkampEditor

Started in:September 2011

Favorite Genre:Almost everything - every now and then, something bloodier.

Biggest Strength:Full of energy and life.

Biggest Weakness:Sometimes a little too ambitious and on Mondays very unorderly.

Marta Ejsmont

Marta EjsmontSenior Editor

Started in:March 2010

Favorite Genre:Lots of color and fun.

Biggest Strength:Makes the best out of every day.

Biggest Weakness:Measures everything with the same ruler.