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Tauri World
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Tauri World Description

Mankind has left earth and headed to the stars. You must increase the size and strength of your colony in order to ensure the progress and survival of your colony...


Tauri World is the future of mankind. After earth, humans have moved to this place to start over and further the cause of man. You are now the commander of an island colony and you must expand, explore and conquer those around you to solidify your position in the world after Earth.

There is an extensive resource system in Tauri World. You must collect or trade wood, metal and crystal as they all are necessary building components. If you manage your resources wisely enough, it will manage you to build up your island and expand to the world around you.

You can build over 20 different structures on your colony island in Tauri World. Each one has a unique function and is upgradeable. Each upgrade will provide better services or production. You can also build defense cannons that will deter would-be attackers from wanting to come at you.

Tauri World has several different types of ships that you can build. With these ships you can spy, colonize or start war. Using the technologically advanced Colonization Ship, you can expand to other areas of the world and claim more islands as your own.

Join an alliance to increase trade and help others out. By joining an alliance in Tauri World, you chances of survival increase. You will have allies that will help you in your time of need and perhaps have better technology.

Technology influences the battles heavily in Tauri World. Your heroes and ships all have different abilities. Utilizing these special abilities will allow you to be victorious. Claiming the world as your own, you must expand your empire be it through battle or colonization. Prove that you are the commander of the future!

by Kyle Hayth

Tauri World Screenshots

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