Tanoth: A Portal to a New World Has Been Opened

05/19/2011 08:12 am in News

A mysterious portal has been opened in the world of Tanoth, according to publishers Gameforge. They have called upon all warriors and mages to unite and confront the challenges that wait on the other side of this strange gate to a new world.


As of yesterday, the portal to the new world was open for players of Tanoth. To encourage you to gather up your friends and courage, Gameforge (BattleKnight, Ikariam) is offering some incentives for making the journey over to the other side.

For facing the dangers, you have the chance to win various items for completing certain requirements. For example, you can win a nice chunk of change for being the one with the most adventure points. Or you could also win 125 bloodstones for being the first one to complete the 100th level of the toughest, most deadly dungeon yet.

Tanoth is a free-to-play browser game that takes you to a land of danger and mystery. See if you can survive the journey while monsters are coming at you from all sides, hemming you in. Level your character and create the ultimate hero.

Source: Game homepage
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