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Tanoth Description

Help to unlock the mysteries behind the disappearance of the popular King Targon as you roam the world of Aris, as a keen and brave adventurer. Seek to avenge the injustice done...


Since the admiral King Targon disappeared, his evil brother Halgan reigns over Aris, creating a blanket of darkness and fear over the once beautiful land. You start your adventure in the small village of Tarabat, situated at the edge of the dark Shadow Mountains.

Customize your very own hero in Tanoth, and equip him with the best equipment – weaponry, armor and jewels – to best prepare him for the adventures that lie ahead. With every level conquered in the browser game Tanoth, your hero's skills and attributes are increased. Gain experience by taking on adventurous quests and missions, and obtain glory by partaking in intense PvP combat against enemy players.

In RPG Tanoth you will find a large host of helpful NPCs, with which you can trade and purchase valuable items to help you on your journey. Approach Alina the mysterious Blood Elf, and trade in blood and gold. Make a visit to the Alchemist to obtain powerful potions and magical runes to use in battle. Purchase a loyal mount for you to gallivant across the land with – ride on the back of a sturdy donkey, or climb aboard the wings of a fiery dragon.

Explore the dark and dangerous dungeons in the free-to-play browser game Tanoth, and find powerful equipment such as poisoned daggers and burning swords. Gain honor and glory as you take on the lurking evils underneath the city of Tarabat. In the fantasy-themed online game Tanoth you can form a strong guild with other players and construct your own guild fort as you band together to take on your villainous enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

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