Tanki X: Open Beta Starting Next Week

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Tanki X

Tanki X

The Russian developer AlternativaPlatform has announced that their action game Tanki X is going to start its open beta next week. Starting on September 15th, anyone interested in action-packed tank battles can delve into the online game without a registration code. Players who have already been enjoying the action game for a while will be happy to hear that there won’t be any further account wipes from here on out. No one has to fear that their precious data will be erased and that they will have to start over from scratch. Any data that is unlocked during open beta will remain in each player’s possession even after the game is officially released.

Over the course of Tanki X’s open beta, the development team will constantly add new content to improve the player experience. Apparently, there will be a lot more customization options for tanks in the future, particularly in terms of cosmetic changes. New skins, paint jobs, and stickers will find their way into the action game. Additionally, there will be new modules for tanks, as customizing the tank is at the core of the gameplay.

The developers are also planning on adding various new maps to Tanki X during the open beta. The more diverse these are, the more fun players will have battling it out against each other. Additionally, matchmaking is going to be improved to make sure that each match is well-balanced.

Tanki X is Tanki Online’s direct successor, which more than 50 million players have registered an account for. It remains to be seen whether Tanki X can continue this success.

Source: Press release

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