Tanki Online: Tips for New Players

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Tips for Tanki Online

For those that haven’t heard, Tanki Online is a free-to-play tank game, where you have to team up and fight other players in a customized tank. I’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master, and can sometimes be frustrating when you’re up against some experienced players. That’s where we step in to try to help you out.

Fight against Other Players for Free in Tanki Online


One big mistake that new players make is spending their crystals on various useless things, and then getting ruined by other players with better tanks in the game. Even as a free-to-play gamer it’s possible to stand shoulder to shoulder with more experienced players if you follow this advice: When you start to play, pick one strategy and stick to it. Choose one turret, and one hull, and then upgrade them with the crystals that you earn. This way you’ll end up with a pretty powerful turret and hull combination and be able to hold your own against other players, even those who spend some real money on the crystals in game.

Battle Modes

In Tanki Online, we have a choice of four different game modes to play with, each of them require different tactics, and some reward more crystals than others, so it’s important to choose the right game mode for suit your playstyle or your goals.

The four balttle modes are Team Death Match (TDM), Control Points (CP), Capture the Flag (CTF), and Death Match (DM). For new players, it’s normally a good idea to stick to the standard Death Match when you start out. This is partially because it gives you a nice starting place to learn how the game works without upsetting other players, and you’ll also earn way more crystals this way. You get crystals based on your performance, and in the team game modes you earn crystals based on the performance of your whole team.

Basically, if you're interested in farming crystals, play deathmatch.

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