Tank Ace: Third Person WWII Shooter Game Storms into Open Beta Phase!

09/02/2011 04:48 am in News

The action-packed shooter game Tank Ace is now officially in the Open Beta phase of testing, much to the excitement of players and tank enthusiasts across the United States. This change in status means the online war game is now open and available to all US players.
Tank Ace

Tank Ace

Following a significant Closed Beta phase of testing, publishers are proud to announce the launch of the Open Beta phase of testing (OBT) for the online game Tank Ace. This move to OBT means the third person shooter game will be accessible to all of the general public – simply register online, download the game client, and you can begin your flanking campaign against your enemies.

Tank Ace is a third person shooter published by Onnet USA (MLB Dugout Heroes, Soul Master) and is set in the heart of the Second World War. Players choose between three playable factions – the United States, the Soviet Union and Germany.

Once players have chosen their faction in the online game Tank Ace, they can band together with other players and plot their victory over their enemies. Much of the client-based game Tank Ace is based on historically accurate facts, enhancing the game environment and fast-paced game world.

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