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Tank Ace
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Tank Ace Description

In this third person shooter players take the wheels of powerful tanks, fighting either for the Soviet, German, or US factions, in an epic WWII scenario.


The client-based shooter Tank Ace is an action-packed World War II game, in which players go back in time to the Second World War, and take on other players in intense tank battles. Register to play, download the Tank Ace client, and you are ready to begin your artillery-heavy adventure! One of the first steps you need to take is to decide just for which faction you will be playing – choose between the Soviet, German or US forces, and get ready to fight for your life and for the victory of your nation.

After you have chosen your nation in the online game Tank Ace, your next step is to select the vehicle with which you will fight the large-scale WWII battles. There are several models of tanks available, each of which can be customized with additional armor and weaponry, with different styles of camouflage, clan insignias and logos, kill marks, body art, and more.

The third person shooter Tank Ace features realistic battlefields all across Europe, as well as tanks, vehicles and weaponry based on historical facts. Band together with other players from all over the world, and build up a highly strategic and tactical campaign to bring down your opponents once and for all. Plot your revenge using various historically accurate tactics including the advanced pincer, flanking and more.

Only those with patience, determination and a brave spirit will successfully maneuver the Second World War battlefields, waiting in ambush for their enemies and the right moment to launch an attack. Get ready for action, thrills and large-scale battles in the intense third person shooter Tank Ace.

by Kyle Hayth

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