Tales of Solaris: The Game Formerly Known As Tales of Laputa

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Tales of Solaris

Tales of Solaris

Yes, it’s a little bit confusing, but publishers NGames Interactive Ltd. have decided to rebrand their MMORPG formerly known as Tales of Laputa to reach a wider global audience. The online game which is currently in open beta will be called Tales of Solaris from now on. 

The rebranding comes with three new gameplay systems that will be introduced to the game in the coming weeks. The plume system will give players more options on how to use their characters’ wings, featuring a variety of different looking plumes that can be combined into customized, stronger sets. This feature allows players to further personalize their wings. 

The plume system features many new ways in which you can customize your wings.

The Zeal Colosseum is a cross-server battleground for up to three pets. By defeating opposing teams, players can rise in their ranks and earn numerous rewards. 

According to NGames Interactive, the third major feature is a new mercenary system which will change how players experience Tales of Solaris’ dungeons and quests. The publishers will release more information on this upcoming gameplay feature in the near future. 

Source: Official press release
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