Tales of Solaris
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Tales of Solaris
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Tales of Solaris Description

In the aftermath of an epic battle between men, gods and the demons that terrorize their realm, the demons find themselves banished beneath the sea and a select few humans now reign over the continent of Laputa.


In Tales of Solaris the selected ambassadors of the human race were sought out by the god of Morias after the demon king and his followers were banished beneath the fissure. This group of humans are known as The Order and have been tasked with the upkeed and protection of Laputa. Centuries passed as the Order successfully protected their realm from evil, until now.

A clan of bandits recently formed on the continent of Laputa who seek to bring chaos back to the realm, as the demon king and his minions did hundreds of years earlier. These bandits seek to overthrow the order and take control of Laputa. As a member of the Order you are among the few who can stop the group of bandits from accomplishing their nefarious goal of dominion over the land you and so many others call home.

You will enter this RPG adventure directly in your browser, teaming up with friends to complete quests and progress to higher levels of skill and power. Before you stand any chance against the evil bandits you will undoubtedly need to learn the mystical ways of the order and the land of Laputa, all while learning the weaknesses of your opponents. Only when you have a full understanding of the balance between magic and machinery in this online RPG will you be able to confront those that threaten your home.

Take up arms and join friends to overcome evil in Tales of Solaris, you will enjoy all features you have come to love from online RPG’s as you fly around on your mount, journey through the story and enjoy the social aspects of this anime inspired game.

by Jonathan Smith

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