Tales of Pirates 2
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Tales of Pirates 2
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Tales of Pirates 2 Description

Being a pirate can be a dangerous job, especially when traveling across the continent of Ascaron, sailing over the Deep Blue or across the Magic Ocean...


Adventuring across the high seas or fighting demons in a mysterious world are the focal points of the pirate-themed RPG, Tales of Pirates. Create a character and take on the dangers that lie ahead as you complete quests, earn items and explore the unknown.

Tales of Pirates has a funny cartoon-styled design which is filled with endless adventures and quests for players to enjoy. The quests themselves are quite intricate and some follow a storyline which allows a you to become fully absorbed into the game.

Buy, sell and trade items that you earn and find along the way to build up a respectable amount of gold. Tales of Pirates 2 also has an in-depth ship building system which you can use your gold earned to purchase upgrades or even build a new ship. Incorporated to this ship building system is a complex sea battle system where players can go head to head with each other or computer controlled characters.

Experience the colorful scenery as you embark on a treasure hunt to find renowned, powerful items to improve your character. There are also new events continuously offered by the makers of the game and new content so that your adventures never get dull or boring. Create your character, explore the world and live the life of a pirate.

by Kyle Hayth

Tales of Pirates 2 Screenshots

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