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Tales of Magic
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Tales of Magic Description

Learn the ancient art of spellcasting in this browser-based role-playing game. As a witch or mage, you learn to harness the power of magic to take on evil powers...


Tales of Magic teaches you the ancient practices of magic, and how you can manipulate it to overthrow your enemies. As a mage or witch you learn a variety of different spells with which to attack evil zombies and dragons with. These spells are taught in the School of Magic, and the more spells you master the more skilled your character will become. You are also able to earn valuable gold by performing odd jobs in the library. You decide how often and for how long you will work, using the gold you earn to purchase magical items in the shop.

In the browser based MMORPG Tales of Magic you are able to purchase a variety of items from the in-game shop in order to protect, advance and strengthen your character. Everything from health potions to a large wizard's tower is available at the shop to help make you more powerful. The development of your character in the browser game Tales of Magic is completely in your hands, as you decide whether you will lead a life founded on kindness and being good, or whether you will use your magical powers for evil.

In the fantasy role-playing game Tales of Magic As you become more skilled and more able to protect yourself, you become more and more ready for battle. Take on powerful sorcerers in intense duels, or join a powerful magician's coven to embark on grand adventures. Strive to achieve the ultimate feat of slaying skeletons, dragons and zombies! Your victories will not go unnoticed in Tales of Magic and your legacy as a true hero will go own for generations.

by Kyle Hayth

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