Tales of Fantasy
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Tales of Fantasy
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Tales of Fantasy Description

The land of Elterra was torn by war and greed for years until the Saints led the peoples through the dimensional gate. What mysteries await you in this new strange land...?


As the mysteries of the new lands are being uncovered after travelling through the Dimensional gate, things are starting to look more and more threatening for those that live there. In Tales of Fantasy you will be able to create your character and continue the exploration of these new, strange lands.

Tales of Fantasy is an MMORPG that offers players the chance to take their character out into a dangerous world and fight the evils that they encounter along the way. Using magic, weapons and your own tactics you take these creatures on in head to head combat. This way you earn more skills and experience which you can use to help you as you confront newer and more powerful enemies.

Advancement through the game is done through a system of classes. Starting out, you are simply a trainee in the dangerous world of Elterra. After you complete quests and gain experience through battling enemies, you will be given the choice of classes – some deal damage and some are healers – and you can climb the ranks of the class.

For those who like to combat other players head on, there is also a unique feature known as Faction Wars in Tales of Fantasy. This is where players will be able to fight other players from the opposing faction in an arena setting. Through victory in these Faction Wars you can also earn Honor Points which not only improve your world ranking but can lead to powerful rewards.

There are many different items as well in Tales of Fantasy. Weapons, armor and mounts are all able to be found or purchased to make your adventures more fulfilling and rewarding. Be prepared to face many daunting challenges and tough opponents as you travel through the world and make a name for yourself.

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