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Taichi Panda
What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online
  • Play on iPhone or Android
  • Choose and Train your Character
  • Master Martial Arts and Defeat Enemies
  • Full 3D RPG Game
  • Mobile Games
  • iOS
  • Snail Games
  • Apps
  • Ancient World
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Choose your Hero and Train for Victory in Taichi Panda

Master the art of combat and learn new fighting techniques as you make your way through the fantasy realms of this mobile game. Explore the dark lands and go up against gnarly beasts that will try to rip you to pieces again and again. Teach them a lesson!


Snail Games USA (Age of Wushu) is calling all RPG enthusiasts that like to play on their mobile devices whether they're at home or on the go: Are you ready to take on terrifying creatures and save the world from evil? Then pick a hero, join the battle and show everyone that you were born to fight and take down enemy targets in a swift manner. Choose between three unique characters in Taichi Panda that all specialize in different fighting styles.

Take the Monk, for instance: This chubby panda doesn’t look very threatening at first sight but has, as we have learned from Mists of Pandaria in World of Warcraft, a lot of fiery power fueling his attacks. If needed, he will even use his belly to his advantage and take out foes by knocking them senseless.

The Monk does not rely on any weapons, as his fists are strong enough to wreak havoc. The Assassin is the complete opposite: She dual-wields daggers and tries to lurk in the shadows whenever she can hiding from any monster that could be too much of a threat. She knows when and where to strike, a silent but deadly thief that will teach you a lethal lesson. The Fox Mage seems cute and tiny, but no doubt a valuable asset to any dungeon group. Last but not least, Taichi Panda offers you the Swordsman as a viable class who is a sturdy warrior with a big weapon. While every character has its distinct strengths and weaknesses, you should not underestimate any one of them.

Taichi Panda is a mobile game available for mobile phones and tablets, both Apple and Android. Get ready to mash some buttons and slide your fingers across the touchscreen to hit every ruthless creature threatening to take you down - whether that is gnolls, goblins or other fantasy monsters. Channeling your inner freedom fighter will get you very far in this virtual universe, as keeping calm and collected is the way to go when battling multiple opponents at once.

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Taichi Panda Videos

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    03/06/2015 04:10 am - A brave knight, a nimble rogue and a panda that has mastered the martial arts: Snail Game's new mobile app is now available for free on iOS mobile devices and invites players to delve into faraway dungeons and explore the world of Taichi Panda...more

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    01/07/2015 05:15 am - Check out the awesome heroes in this RPG style mobile game, which is set to be released this month. Pan Da, Lauren Catcher, and Lulandore are all featured in this action-packed trailer, which gives you a sneak peak of their powerful combat skills...more

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