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Tagoria Description

This fantasy role-playing game takes you into the shoes of a fierce warrior, taking on ferocious enemies and earning a reputation as a valiant fighter, whilst gaining experience and leveling up...


Tagoria is a browser-based fantasy online game, where as a fearless warrior you roam a world overrun by frightening monsters and enemy players. Display your fighting skills, and level up as you slaughter your opponents. Each character has five skills that can be balanced to your preference, which include strength, endurance, accuracy, dexterity and intelligence. As you gain experience you can train your character to increase all of these attributes. As you become stronger, you are able to enroll yourself as a powerful mercenary, giving you another opportunity to earn rewards and experience points.

There are several levels of both PvP and PvE combat in Tagoria including epic horde battles, ritual of battles, quests, plundering missions, arena fights, assaults and more. Collect up to 250 rare items and magic runes along the way and enrich them using the powerful enchantment system. You can also trade various items with other players and use the profit for new and more powerful items. You can connect with other Tagoria fans using the mailing system and the forum. The forum provides helpful hints and is a great place to network with other players.

You have your very own town in Tagoria, where you will find a farm, marketplace, blacksmith, alchemist, the arena and more. Farm for amber stones, accept quests from the druid and challenge other players to a duel in the arena. Brave the mysterious mountain area, where you come face-to-face with a number of fantasy monsters eagerly waiting for their next prey. Increase your inventory, collect amber stones and slay your enemies to rise to the top in the adventurous browser game Tagoria.

by Kyle Hayth

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