Tactical Intervention
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Tactical Intervention
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Tactical Intervention Description

Take on missions which demand every ounce of your skill and determination, take up your weapon, defeat all that stands before your and turn yourself into the ultimate killing machine in this tactical first person shooter.


Ready your weapon and step into the danger filled world of Tactical Intervention, where numerous missions and even more terrorists await, ready to call your resolve into question and make your pay for your mistakes. The danger is as real as it gets, placing your life on the line every time you take up your firearm and set your eyes on an objective.

In addition to your skill with weapons and tactical know-how, you will have teammates to count on to prove your worth as a soldier and your team’s worth as a tactical squadron. One after the other you must complete the objectives laid out before you, neutralizing terrorists and capturing tactically advantageous positions along the way. Proficiency with your gear and communication with your team are the only two things that can lead you to victory, luck has no place in the high stakes game of Tactical Intervention.

Your weapon skills are among very few things that will carry you through multiple missions, as the strategy required to defeat your enemies and complete objectives differs greatly from one situation to the next. In some missions you will even find yourself riding down a highway with your team speeding after targets. Whether you choose to aim directly for your enemies within their vehicle or simply immobilize them by shooting out their tires, you must decide which strategy works best for you, what is important is the end result and the completion of your mission.

Even shopping malls become battlegrounds in Tactical Intervention, turning these palaces of consumerism into veritable deathtraps with terrorists potentially lurking behind every plant, fountain, bench and sale sign, your awareness and accuracy will surely be put to the test. Picking out targets and completing objectives in large, yet confined spaces like this is the bread and butter of Tactical Intervention, forcing you to combine skill and strategy in whatever way gets the job done.

by Jonathan Smith

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