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Swordsman Description

Fight your way through various quests and tasks as a Swordsman and hone your skills by challenging your opponents to a duel of death. This free-to-play game allows you to travel back in time and become a part of the mysterious Ming Dynasty.


There’s so much to learn about the ancient traditions of martial arts that even the most courageous warriors have to dedicate their entire life to becoming a samurai. Thankfully, Perfect World Entertainment (Neverwinter, Star Trek Online) is making sure that being a fearless warrior in Swordsman doesn't require quite as much dedication. The free-to-play MMORPG set in the Ming Dynasty will teach you everything there is to know about picking up new fighting styles, joining a clan and crafting new equipment. Battle it out against ruthless bandits or enemy players in real-time combat in this fantasy-meets-martial-arts game.

Before you can jump into action-packed battles and show everyone what your character is made of, you will have to pick a school to pledge allegiance to. Here, staying true to your core values and honoring those who have bravely fought before you is essential. In Swordsman, ten different schools await your answer. From the Shaolin to the Sun and Moon: Calling one of these schools your home will not only determine your path within the free-to-play game, but also which skills and talents are available to you. Every path has its own fighting style, after all.

You will come across like-minded players as you make your way through the many lands of the Ming Dynasty. The story of Swordsman will slowly unravel before your eyes once you manage to get through some of the online game’s story missions that are based on the infamous Louis Cha novels.

A true warrior must accept the fact that real strength lies in numbers, so keep in mind that grouping up with your allies might help your through tough challenges. Together with friends you can conquer new territory and expand the dynasty one rival stronghold at a time. If the gear you gather on your journey through this martial arts MMORPG does not meet your standards, just wait until you can craft your own legendary items and make yourself known as the best artisan the world of Swordsman has seen.

Swordsman Screenshots

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Swordsman Videos

  • Swordsman: Learn All About the Free-to-Play MMO

    06/27/2014 01:18 am - From player-versus-player combat to guilds to all different schools: Watch this new gameplay trailer to get a good look at what Swordsman has to offer to fans of video games and fans of martial arts. There's so much to learn and explore......more

  • Swordsman: What Is So Special about the MMORPG?

    06/06/2014 04:46 am - Publisher Perfect World Entertainment has released a trailer that explains why Swordsman is such a unique gaming experience. We will refrain from mentioning another MMORGP that pops into our head when we think of ancient China and martial arts......more

  • Swordsman: First Gameplay Footage

    04/16/2014 09:45 am - Players have already been able to get a taste of the MMORPG's rendered graphics. Now, Perfect World Entertainment is introducing three of the classes available in the roleplaying game. Check out the title's first gameplay trailer....more

Swordsman News

  • Swordsman: First Expansion 'Gilded Wasteland' Increases Level Cap

    09/11/2014 04:56 am - Swordsman was officially released this summer after just a couple of weeks of open beta. Now, Perfect World Entertainment (Neverwinter) is ready to announce the online game’s very first expansion. Gilded Wasteland will introduce many new features...more

  • Swordsman: Official Launch Falls on July 29th

    07/24/2014 02:25 am - Remember when testing phases used to last for months and months, just so that developers could make sure that every little feature was polished? Well, that time is no more. After just a couple of weeks of open beta, Perfect World Entertainment has...more

  • Swordsman: Approaching Open Beta with High Speed

    06/27/2014 01:38 am - Boy, game developers sure move fast these days. It seems like yesterday that Perfect World Entertainment sent Swordsman into its closed beta and now, the free-to-play MMO is almost ready to be played by everyone. Be the Wuxia hero you always wanted...more

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