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Sword Saga
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Sword Saga Description

Save humanity from the precipice of doom and rid the world of the evil that lurks around every corner in this browser-based roleplaying game. Do you have what it takes to bring down the dark lord himself self once and for all? Prove it...


Sword Saga is a free-to-play RPG based in a fantasy world called Starlan, a place ruled by an evil monster who wishes to seek and destroy what hope there is left in the world. Choose to play as one of three mystical classes and reunite the human factions to take down the mighty Demon King.

At the beginning of this free-to-play online game your are tasked with choosing your class. These characters that have unique skills and attributes that can be used in battle and in other aspects of gameplay. Choose to play as either a Warrior, a Magician, or a Shooter and watch your character grow as you learn new tricks that will help you in combat. As you progress further into Sword Saga, you can unlock new weapons, spells, and armory that is exclusive to your chosen hero, like powerful swords and devastating spells.

Engage in PvP battles with other players online or join a guild and take down monsters as a team in fast-paced PvE quests. The dungeons are designed for groups of players as they contain challenging monsters and demons that a lone hero would not be able to defeat, so it’s recommended that you bring friends! Sword Saga encourages in-game communication between heroes by having unlockable content that is only accessible by joining guilds and using the online chat system. Play through Facebook and invite your friends or quest online within your browser.

The fighting style is much like other browser-based fantasy MMORPGs, such as Legend Knight and Shadow Bound, whereby you attack in a turn-based match against your opponent. If there is more than one player engaging in combat against a common opponent, then you will take turns in attacking the enemy. This allows you to utilize your attributed skills and construct a plan of attack that is unlike the frenzied style witnessed in real-time battles.

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