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Sword Girls
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Sword Girls Description

Create a deck and defeat your opponents in this free-to-play, browser-based online game. Featuring classic anime artwork and countless cards, you will hopefully never find yourself in a dull moment.


Sword Girls is a free-to-play, online collectible card game which features anime artwork and strategic gameplay. You will have to master the various cards in your deck in order to overcome your opponents in duels and claim victory for yourself.

Offering hundreds of various and unique cards, Sword Girls will challenge not only your strategy while taking on your opponents, but building a worthy deck as well. A unique card-crafting system allows you to obtain new cards in an innovative way, helping you build the most powerful deck possible.

There are various ways in which you can engage in the action of Sword Girls. You can take on thousands of players from around the world for the right to claim yourself as the best deck builder and strategist. You can also dive head-first into dungeons and fight your way to the powerful bosses that wait for you to face them. There are even monthly tournaments where you can take the top spot on the prestigious “live” leader board.

Not only do you have the feeling of being in an anime with the artwork on the cards, Sword Girls also features regular updates that are in the style of episodes. This means, every time a new update is released, a new part of the Sword Girls story becomes available and you have a chance to write your own chapter.

If you have what it takes, you have the chance to become a true master of the free-to-play virtual card game, Sword Girls. It will take practice and dedication, but with the right deck, you could prove to be the best of them all.

by Kyle Hayth

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