Survivors: The Quest
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Survivors: The Quest
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Survivors: The Quest Description

Fight for survival on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere! Three people have survived a dramatic plane crash and landed on a secluded island. Discover your surroundings and try to survive in this hidden object game!


It starts out as a plane flight like any other. Food is being served, movies are being watched, and people are relaxing. All of a sudden, the seat belt signs turn on. The captain tells his passengers to be aware of stormy weather. The flight gets more and more rough, when all of a sudden the lights turn off and the aircraft crashes into the darkness. Three lonely survivors make it out of the damaged plane alive. It turns out that the aircraft has crash-landed on a tropical island which at first glance seems to be completely desolate. You will soon find out that things aren’t quite like they seem.

This is the setting that players will face in Survivors: The Quest, another endeavor by G5 Entertainment (The Secret Society, Letters from Nowhere). The free-to-play survival game is basically a thrilling mix of ABC’s hit series Lost and the classic novel Robinson Crusoe. You will play as the three survivors exploring the beaches, lagoons, jungles, and mountains of the picturesque island. You will soon realize, however, that there is more to this place than meets the eye. While you thought that it was completely desolate and secluded, you soon notice that people have been here before. You find very old laptops and decaying human structures and buildings that suggest that the island was used for scientific purposes once.

So, while you’re stumbling upon traces of human existence on the isle, you also have to make sure that your survivors stay true to their name and survive. Find food, make sure that they are rested, and that they trust each other in order to maintain their survival in this adventure game.

Keep exploring the island’s hidden mysteries in order to bring your protagonists home. Complete hundreds of quests and countless of tasks on your iPad. The free-to-play app is available completely for free in the iTunes Store.

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