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Survivor Squad
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Survivor Squad Description

The world is in peril and other survivors need your help! Join the mobile game today and assist friends on their quest to rid the universe of the walking dead. That’s right, zombies have taken over and it’s up to you to clean the streets of the undead...


Zombie games are really popular these days, especially if you look at how titles like Telltale’s The Walking Dead or H1Z1 are welcomed by the gaming community with open arms. If you have been searching for an action adventure featuring the living dead for your mobile device, ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope 2) has just the app for you: Survivor Squad. Here, players come together to fight an outbreak of the walking dead and hold on to dear life while collecting ammunition, navigating the narrow streets of a ghost town, and keeping their eyes out for other survivors to join them on their journey. Slip into the role of a fearless zombie fighter in this app and experience what it feels like to save the world one aimed shot at a time.

Four different game modes are available in Survivor Squad. While you decide whether you want to fly solo or invite friends to the battle, some missions will require co-op multiplayer combat to clear all waves and live to fight another day. Several advantages come with playing in a team: As a group you get to cover more ground, use a combination of different firearms and melee weapons, and rescue stricken team members who have been taken down. Just make sure to check for bite marks first - you know what they say about zombie infections...

Although Survivor Squad is a free zombie game that allows players to jump into fast-paced action battles with their friends, there’s always a way for you to seek shelter in a quiet town nearby and stock up on supplies. Here you can also upgrade your equipment - assuming you collected enough resources during your adventures - and fill your bellies with some delicious pork. Keep in mind that in this free app not every undead walker is the same. Some might charge towards you, looking to snack on your flesh as quickly as possible, while others will be slow but particularly tough.

Survivor Squad Screenshots

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