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What to expect:
  • Futuristic Warriors from the Entire Universe
  • Up to 10 Players at Once
  • Create Your Own Items
  • Give Instructions to Your Minions
  • Free-to-Play on PC
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  • Bandai Namco
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  • PvP
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Play Supernova for Free and Rock the Arena

Fight for victory as a human, an alien, or cyborg in the free-to-play MOBA called Supernova. Do you have what it takes to wreak havoc in the universe?


Combining Strategy and MOBA Elements in One Game

Bandai Namco is taking you on a futuristic science-fiction journey through the universe in Supernova. Heated battles and challenging fights are at the core of the gameplay. The download game is a free-to-play mix between a real time strategy game and a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that is available for Windows PC. Two teams fight against each other with the goal to save their race from extinction. You decide whether you want to head into battle as a human or a cyborg. It wouldn’t be a well-balanced fight if the humans didn’t have a way to successfully battle it out against their powerful opponents. That’s why most of the human characters slip into a full body mech-suit to hold their own against the alien warriors. The title features lots of distinctive characters with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Choose the commander who you think reflects your playstyle the best. There is something for everyone in Supernova.

In this multiplayer game, the entire universe turns into a battle arena that is chockful of dangerous creatures. Only the smartest and the most powerful generals will come out on top and save their team from defeat. Before you head into battle, you get to select your commander. You have the choice between various different characters ranging from cyborgs and mechs to futuristic aliens.

Instruct Your Minions

If there’s one thing you won’t find in Supernova, it is mundane fights that require no thinking. Instead, each confrontation and every part of a battle is strategically demanding. In the online game, you get to instruct your minions with precise orders which allows you to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Infantry, aircrafts, and ground vehicles fight against each other according to a rock-scissor-paper principle. You can also improve your commander’s abilities by collecting drops and turning them into boosts.

Supernova is developed by a small development studio in Budapest called Primal Game Studio. The free-to-play MOBA is published by Bandai Namco and available for download on Windows PC.

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