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SuperMechs Description

Build your very own fighting robot and take on thousands of others who have built their own mechs in intense, action-packed duels.


SuperMechs is a simple browser game which you take on the role of a mechanic and run your own little shop. You are responsible for the giant machines of war that can be built from any number of different, unique parts. Your powerful unit has spots for devastating weaponry, along with exchangeable head, arm and body parts. To get your hands on these parts, you will have to visit the shop where you will find all the gear you need for your level. Of course, the more powerful the upgrade the more the object is going to cost – that is why it is important to think about how you want to improve your mech… a bunch of cheaper, little upgrades or massive, expensive upgrades?

The materials that are needed to improve your mech can be earned in hard-fought battles. In these duels, you will have to show that you have the skills to control your mech and make sure that you have the right strategy to defeat your opponents. If you choose the best weapons to use against your enemy and can make split-second decisions, then your chances of coming out the victor are much higher. There are also particularly helpful items that you can purchase before the fight and use one time in battle.
Featuring old-school, comic graphics, the world of SuperMechs is one for fans of robots and strategic dueling!

by Kyle Hayth

SuperMechs Screenshots

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