Super Mario Run: Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Revealed

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Finally, after much speculation, the day has come! We finally know, which Nintendo franchise will be the first to find its way to mobile devices (note that we're excluding Pokémon and ignoring the fact that Miitomo ever happened). Yesterday, at this year’s Apple Special Event, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, revealed Super Mario Run for iOS devices. This comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone who was starting to fear that only less iconic Nintendo franchises were going to leap onto mobile devices, after the Japanese studio announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing were coming to smartphones and tablets next year.

Nintendo’s most iconic plumber will be the first full-fledged mobile game developed by DeNA and published by the Big N. In Super Mario Run, the mustached plumber will automatically run towards the right side of the screen. All players will have to do to successfully make it through each level is tap the touchscreen to make Mario jump. The longer they touch their screen, the higher he will jump. The mobile game will feature three different game modes: A full-fledged single player mode, a competitive mode, and a simple building mode.

In the classic single player mode, players will jump and run through diverse levels in the Mushroom Kingdom and hop on enemies to defeat them or leap across obstacles. It will be the classic Mario experience with enemies such as Gumbas, Koopas, and Mario’s arch-nemesis Bowser. In the Toad Rally mode, players compete against each other by performing daring moves and collecting as many coins as possible to win the higher score in the end and win. The still rather cryptic building mode allows players to build their own Mushroom Kingdom based on the events in the game. We don't really know anything else about it aside from that.

Super Mario Run will launch on iTunes this December, and it will not be free-to-play. Players can download a demo for free, but they will have to pay a set price to enjoy the full game. Nintendo did not reveal how expensive the app will be. Android players will have to remain a little more patient, as the studio has not yet revealed when Mario will find his way to the Google Play Store.

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