Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run
What to expect:
  • First Mario Adventure on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Run and Jump through a Full-Fledged Mario Game
  • Play with Only One Hand
  • Challenge Your Friends in Competitive Mode
  • Mobile Games
  • Super Mario
  • Nintendo
  • PvP
  • iOS
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Play Super Mario Run on Your Mobile Device

Run through the mushroom kingdom in the jump and run adventure Super Mario Run featuring your favorite plumber!


It’s been a long time coming, but finally the iconic plumber with his big moustache has found his way to mobile devices. Nintendo revolutionized handheld gaming in the early 90s with the very successful Game Boy and all of the following devices leading up to the Nintendo 3DS. With the more recent success of the mobile gaming industry, the public has waited for the Big N to move away from its own platforms and release their biggest brands on smartphones and tablets. Finally, the day has come, and Mario and his friends have found their way to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Explore the Mushroom Kingdom on the Go in Super Mario Run

In Super Mario Run, you will experience a full-fledged Super Mario jump and run adventure on your mobile device. The app has been developed for smartphones and tablets from scratch, and it makes unique use of the devices’ touchscreens. For the first time in the franchise’s history, you get to play a Mario jump and run using only one hand. The mustached plumber automatically runs towards the right of the screen. Your goal is to get him safely through the levels, evading any obstacles in his way. Tap the touchscreen to jump on Gumbas and Koopas or to leap across obstacles. Collect as many coins as you can on your path and successfully complete a level by capturing the flag pole at the end.

Compete against Your Friends

There’s more to Super Mario Run than its single player adventure. The platformer also features a competitive mode where you get to play against your friends. Your goal in these levels is to collect coins and heads. Impress the Toads with daring moves to beat your friend in the end. The player who collected more coins and was able to impress the Toads more will win in the end. These levels don’t feature a flag pole at the end, but are timed instead.

You can download Super Mario Run for free in your respective app store and enjoy a portion of the game without paying any money. If you want to explore the entire game without any restrictions, you will have to pay a set purchase price.

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