Summoner's Legion
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Summoner's Legion
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Summoner's Legion Description

Engage in this free-to-play fantasy card-battler where players must wield their deck of cards and go forth into battle using their strongest troops. If you are a lover of strategy games then look no further!


Summoner’s Legion is a free-to-play card battling game like Hearthstone and Card Hunter, where you must summon your heroes from a deck of cards and go forth into battle placing your warriors in different tactical formations, with the hope of outwitting your opponent. Develop your own tactics as you progress and watch as your deck of cards becomes stronger and more powerful, with heroes that will surely be devastating on the battlefield.

A fantasy world creates the backdrop for all your battles in this strategy game, where detailed artwork sets the scene for an intense PvP fight between you and other players online. At the beginning of each battle you will have 3 cards in your hand, and you can draw one card from your deck in each turn. You can play cards from your hand based on their MP costs, so if the card requires too much MP you will not be able to use it. Once you have chosen the card/hero you wish to play, you must place it on the board according to the grid markers, which are similar to a chess board. Once you are happy with the formation of your heroes, you can start to move them around the field and get them to fight your opponent's units.

There are many different units to choose from in Summoner's Legion, each with their own unique characteristics and strengths in battle. It is up to you to decide which heroes to deploy and where, and as you become familiar with the card game you will likely develop a strategy on how to use your heroes effectively. The warriors are powerful, physically strong, decisive commanders who aren't afraid to jump into battle. The rangers are tactful and agile and use stealth weapons like daggers. The mages are highly intelligent sorcerers that wield healing and attack powers. And finally there are priests, who use their healing abilities and the power of their faith to lead their troops into battle.

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