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Sudoku Description

The mother of all brain games has now come to Facebook! If you feel like giving your brain cells a run for their money, you simply log into the social network and start playing.


If you thought that Sudoku is an ancient Japanese puzzle game, we have to disappoint you. Earliest but possibly unrelated versions of the game appeared as early as the late 19th century in French newspapers. They disappeared around World War I and only reappeared in an optimized version in the late 1970s. The modern version of Sudoku only gained massive popularity in 1989. This is where the Japanese connection came to be, as the puzzle game was introduced to Japanese audiences who embraced it. Since then, Sudoku has gone on a mission to conquer the world entertaining audiences of all ages. With the rising popularity of online games, the quiz game featuring numbers has also found its way to Facebook!

The free-to-play online version of Sudoku is everything you would hope and expect from the popular puzzle game. More than reinterpreting the gameplay, MegaZebra's (Solitaire Chronicles, Mahjong Trails) app simply gives you the classic concept. You’ve never gotten around to playing Sudoku because you don’t like mathematics? Well, good for you that the online game actually doesn’t require mathematical skills at all! Despite its numbers, Sudoku is actually a logic game. The gameboard is made up of a 9x9 grid. Groups of 3x3 squares make a unit. Some squares will have numbers already in them. Other squares are empty. With logical thinking, you will be able to fill the empty squares. Within each unit, each row, and each column, the numbers 1-9 can only appear once respectively.

Fret not, if you still feel overwhelmed by the rules. Sudoku on Facebook features various difficulty settings. As soon as you get the hang of it, you will develop an eye for the puzzle game and quickly move on to Medium, Hard, and Expert mode. With each higher difficulty, you will find less pre-set numbers.

Since Sudoku is a Facebook game, it is extremely easy to compete against your friends.

Sudoku Screenshots

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