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Sudoku Quest
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Sudoku Quest Description

Go on an epic journey through fantastical worlds. Your number one weapon will be your brain as you solve one puzzle after the next! Take your Sudoku game wherever you go…


These days, it's pretty much impossible to open a newspaper that didn’t feature a Sudoku puzzle on one of its pages. The smart and fun logic game has hooked players all over the world with its diverse concept. Funny enough, many might think that the brain game was invented by Japanese master minds hundreds of years ago. Turns out that it was created by an American in the late 1970s. The things you learn here on! In recent years, many casual games have found their way to social media including Sudoku Quest!

The Facebook game and mobile app makes it easier than ever to just quickly play a short round of Sudoku. More than simply digitizing the basic gameplay, the title offers a modernized and more diverse twist of the original number game.

In Sudoku Quest, you will find more than 400 different levels across seven different maps. Each map has its very own theme adding a new spin to the puzzle classic. Before things get too complicated, there is a simple first world that allows you to get familiar with the gameplay, just in case you’ve never played a round of Sudoku in your life. You start with a 6x6 square grid (which is smaller than the usual 9x9 square grid in Sudoku). This will allow you to get an eye for the brain game. Don’t worry though, later levels quickly have more squares until they finally reach the original grid. It doesn’t stop there however as Sudoku Quest changes it up in even later levels. All in all, the app features more than eleven variants of Sudoku puzzles. If it gets too tricky, you will find more than six power-ups that are just waiting to be used.

The mobile version of the puzzle game are available for Android and iOS devices. Since the app originally came out on Facebook, it is super simple to connect your profile to the game and challenge your friends’ high scores. The app is free-to-play on all smartphones and tablets.

Sudoku Quest Screenshots

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