Stronghold Kingdoms: Update Introduces Global Conflict Map

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Stronghold Kingdoms Gets a New Global Map

The free-to-play browser game Stronghold Kingdoms is getting an update that expands the map. The strategy game now has a new world map with 151 different countries for players to conquer. Loads more strategies are now possible!

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

The developer, Firefly Studios, have been listening to their community and finally introduced one of the most requested features by the playerbase. Not long ago Stronghold Kingdoms got the “Europe” map, and with this new Global Conflict map, it expands the playable area to a larger size than ever before in the strategy game. There are now 151 different countries with thousands of real world players doing battle on each map.

World Playback

It’s not just the new larger map that the community has been asking for, but also a playback feature so players can look through the history of games to see how events have unfolded. It can be fine-tuned with a slider and is color-coded to be extra user-friendly. It shows how the control of territory has changed at both a country level and also a provincial level.

For those that haven’t tried the game out, it is available on both Mac and PC, and can be downloaded by following the button below!

Source: Official Press Release

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