Striker Superstars
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Striker Superstars
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Striker Superstars Description

Experience the thrill of being right there on the pitch – free-to-play and directly in your browser. In this sport simulation game, you can do everything the pros can.


Striker Superstars isn’t your normal table-based online soccer manager which seems to have become the standard lately. As an actual player, you will take your spot on the field and show all of the other players what you are made of. Pass, shoot, corner kicks – that is just a part of your everyday routine as a player.

However, before you master your career and become a legend of the sport, you will have to train hard. Fresh and fit, you will be hitting the pitch in just a few clicks and whether you prefer storming the penalty area or playing rock-hard defense, the choice is up to you. You can play all positions or just the ones you like.

Just like in real life, you will have to make sure you play well with your team. If you play well in a team, then a very long and successful career is quite attainable. Pass the ball between two defenders to give your forward the scoring goal or cross the ball at just the right moment so that your teammate can finish. Attacking with your team makes it much harder for your opponent to react and defend.
Striker Superstars is a 3D online game that features high-quality graphics and an environment that lets you feel like you are actually there. Using the mouse, you can change the camera angle to make sure you always see what you want. You can also zoom in on your character or zoom out to see the entire field. This type of gameplay is made possible by the Unity Web Player. A simple plugin install and you are ready to play – there is no registration required to play Striker Superstars.

Striker Superstars Screenshots

Striker Superstars Screenshot-0Striker Superstars Screenshot-1Striker Superstars Screenshot-2Striker Superstars Screenshot-3Striker Superstars Screenshot-4Striker Superstars Screenshot-5Striker Superstars Screenshot-6Striker Superstars Screenshot-7Striker Superstars Screenshot-8Striker Superstars Screenshot-9Striker Superstars Screenshot-10Striker Superstars Screenshot-11Striker Superstars Screenshot-12Striker Superstars Screenshot-13Striker Superstars Screenshot-14Striker Superstars Screenshot-15Striker Superstars Screenshot-16
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