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Strife Description

Enter the magical realms of this fantasy world by picking a hero that speaks to you. By joining the Keepers of the Code in their pursuit to fight off evil forces, you will group up with other courageous players to ensure ever-lasting victory.


Strife is a free-to-play MOBA that features player-versus-player combat and competitive gameplay for newbies and experienced gamers alike. It doesn’t matter if you prefer melee characters or enjoy attacking your opponent from a safe distance - there is a hero for everyone’s taste. This client-based online game values teamwork above all by giving you access to shareable resources, hopefully eliminating the tedious fight for who gets the last kill.

While each MOBA is set in a different world and features unique champions, the core gameplay usually revolves around the following: Pick a hero, know your role and avoid death at all costs - only then will you be able to become a legendary hero among mere mortals. According to the publisher, Strife is ready to break the mold and introduce new ideas to the popular genre by adding crafting, pets and a truly free-to-play champion system. What does that mean, exactly?

In this online game, you can create your own equipment, increase its levels and enhance its stats by gathering resources. You are also granted access to a companion that will aid you in battle and help you take out opposing forces, whether it’s hostile minions or enemy players. Last but not least, every champion in this free-to-play MOBA is available to everyone. This allows you to try out different classes without having to invest in-game currency or real-life money.

The key to winning a match lies in knowing when to use your skills. Keeping your talents on cool down isn’t always the best strategy in Strife, as you sometimes have to wait to strike down fleeing opponents. Then, when they retreat into the shadows and have been lulled into a false sense of security, go in for the kill by activating your ultimate ability. That’ll give your team valuable time to push forward and attack their main base.

Strife Screenshots

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Strife Videos

  • Strife: Iah Emerges from the Sandy Desert

    12/11/2014 05:49 am - A mysterious priestess, a powerful princess: Her name is Iah and she's just about ready to storm the Strife battlefield to take out enemy heroes and minions alike. Watch her teaser trailer here and catch a glimpse of the new hero in action...more

  • Strife: Witch Doctor Coming with New Patch

    11/13/2014 05:10 am - Zaku is his name and dark magic is his game! There's a new hero on the way to Strife, the free-to-play MOBA, and he's a witch doctor that specializes in curses, voodoo spells and bringing the dead back to life. Expect more details soon...more

  • Strife: Meet Three Brand New Characters

    09/23/2014 07:02 am - Get a first glimpse at three new heroes that will soon be making their way to the free-to-play MOBA Strife. Each one looks distinct and wields unique powers. Covering fire, ice, and martial arts combat, these heroes are sure to delight many players...more

Strife News

  • Strife: Play Tricks with New Hero Chester

    12/05/2014 04:25 am - S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth) just can’t seem to get enough of heroes that value utility over dealing damage in a blind rage. Just recently, the game studio added Zaku the Witch Doctor to Strife. Now, it’s time for Chester to support his allies and...more

  • Strife: Raising the Dead with New Hero Zaku

    11/21/2014 04:25 am - A new hero has been added to Strife, the free-to-play MOBA. S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth) has previously hinted at the addition of Zaku with a teaser trailer, and now the witch doctor has been revealed in full detail. Anyone eager to help out their...more

  • Strife: New Scrimmage Game Mode Changes the Competition

    10/24/2014 08:57 am - A new patch has been released for Strife that's bound to make grouping a little bit easier and give players what they've been waiting for. Scrimmage has been introduced as a new game mode - but what does it do other than have a funny name? It puts...more

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