StreetMobster: Version 2.0 Ready to Bring Big Changes

01/26/2011 09:52 am in News

A new feel and gameplay are headed at you with the coming of the Version 2.0 update for the browser game StreetMobster. With new graphics, items and options, you can now get to the top of the crime world in a different way and receive cool bonuses!


StreetMobster will experience a facelift with the new update being released tomorrow, January 27th. The graphics have been optimized, yet remaining consistent with the mafia-lifestyle look and feel.

In addition to the new options, you will see a lot more items and upgrades. Adding nine new breeds of dogs is just one of the many things to be available to you once StreetMobster goes 2.0. Every one of these items will also be upgradeable – from dogs to cars and everything in between. The level cap is now 120 and levels will actually matter this time around. Items are going to be level-restrictive. That means, you will have to fulfill certain requirements (ie – level) in order to equip certain things.

For every level that you gain in StreetMobster, there are going to be additional bonuses. Now when you level, you can get extra strength, intelligence or even sex-appeal points. When added up 120 times, that equals a lot more possible stats points than previously.

Source: Game newsletter
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