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StreetMobster Description

This is your chance to become the most famous and most notorious gangster the gangland has ever seen! But first you have to start with minor delicts and slowly make your way up to the top...


StreetMobster is another fun production by Madmoo. This shows in the user stats. Already thousands of players have registered and are now actively involved in the game.

You begin your journey in StreetMobster as a young ex-con who has just been released from prison. You have 1000 dollars which you managed to save in jail. The time spent in prison was the worst of your life: a small cell, cops who were constantly watching you.

Your main goal is to never get caught by the police again and to become the richest and most powerful criminal of StreetMobster! Initially you will be without allies or friends- which makes things very difficult. Therefore, you need to use your money wisely. It’s up to you to finally get the respect you deserve.

Only those who know how to act, fight and blackmail will make it in StreetMobster – are you one of them?

by Kyle Hayth

StreetMobster Screenshots

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