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Become a True Hero in the Free Game Stormthrone!

In the land of Aeos, players become heroes who are thrown into battle to prove themselves. Stormthrone is available to play for free.


In this free-to-play browser based RPG, you embark on an adventure full of pitfalls and unknown dangers. Will you live to tell the tale?

There’s never a dull moment in Aeos, there are always dungeons to pillage, quests to complete, rivals from other realms to battle, and gear to forge. The daily events will test your gear and skill as you fight powerful world bosses with other players from your realm.

Class Based Action!

In Stormthrone, there are six main class archetypes for you to play:

  • Warrior: Strong and fearless fighter that specializes in two-handed weaponry and close quarter combat.
  • Rogue: Stealthy and silent assassin, capable of finding the weakness in any enemy.
  • Mage: Although physically fragile, they can deal large amounts of damage from a distance.
  • Paladin: Honorable and brave, they fight with a sword and shield, and are prepared to defend their allies under any circumstance.
  • Priest: They dedicated their lives to banishing evil, and can shield themselves and their allies in battle.
  • Hunter: In touch with nature and the secrets of the wilderness, these warriors wield a bow and use traps to deal with their foes.

Fight alongside Powerful Allies!

Your path through Stormthrone often leads you into dark dungeons filled with dangerous and ferocious creatures. This danger, however, is rewarded generously if you take an experienced team with you, as these dungeons hide impressive amounts of treasure and loot. Even the most powerful world bosses or dungeon monsters can be done away with if you use enough teamwork. Through the dungeons, you can meet friendly characters and convince them to join you as an ally, and the hunter character can recruit fearsome pets to fight alongside her.

Fans of League of Angels and Kingdom Rift will feel completely at home with this free-to-play fantasy RPG, so get your raid gear on and head in to Aeos with Stormthrone.

Stormthrone Screenshots

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