Game of the Day: Stormfall - Age of War (Browser)

02/04/2015 08:35 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayBrowser GamesStrategy

Being a king is no easy feat. It definitely requires passion, time, and strategic thinking on all levels. While I usually would describe myself as a modest person, I was quite convinced that I had what it takes to be the leader of my own kingdom. And what easier way to prove myself right than by signing up for a browser game that goes by the name of Stormfall: Age of War

I quickly choose my username, a password, and seal the deal by adding my email address before I get immersed in a medieval fantasy world. My advisor is immediately on the scene making sure that I click all the right buttons and choose all the right icons. Phew, definitely not planning on giving him an attitude! His gruff personality is nicely portrayed by a talented voice actor who finds a delicate balance between making biting comments and being supportive and funny. He’s got the medieval soldier down to a T, that’s for sure.

Thanks to my little helper, I learn all the ropes of becoming a true leader. At least, that’s what I keep thinking over the course of an hour of gameplay. In reality, I keep learning new layers of gameplay and soon realize that I am still far from being an expert! 

My kingdom about 45 minutes into the game!

Nonetheless, I make great progress as my settlement expands and gradually turns into an actual fortress, as my quests get more multi-layered, and I defeat my first enemies - begone you filthy Orcs! I level up and feel more confident that I’m on a roll here. One hour into Stormfall: Age of War, I realize that I am far from done with the game. The guys and girls over at Plarium Games certainly created a title that features everything I love in an RTS. Check it out if you’re into medieval fantasy strategy games. After all, it’s only a few clicks away. Now, excuse me as I delve back into my game… 

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