Stormfall: Age of War
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Stormfall: Age of War
What to expect:
  • Develop your castle into a massive stronghold in this free browser game
  • Fight against other Lords
  • Defend yourself against inimical attacks and make sure that your stronghold is safe
  • Explore the Lost Arts
  • Manage the three main resources - Iron, Gold, and Food
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  • PvP
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
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Become a Warlord in Stormfall: Age of War, Plarium's Free Game!

Build a stronghold sturdy enough to withstand constant enemy attacks in Stormfall: Age of War. Put up defenses and train an army of fierce soldiers.


The citizens of Darkshine are in peril and they need your cunning sense of justice to lead the fantasy realms to a better future. In order to ward off evil assailants and fight off competitors eager to see you go down in flames, you will have to put everything you have into upgrading your castle. Why is this one building so essential for keeping up with other players? Because it’s the heart of your empire and allows you to expand your territory and set up enough defenses to keep unwelcome guests out of your kingdom. There’s plenty to do in Stormfall: Age of War and because it is a browser game, all you have to do to log into the strategy title is fire up your internet connection. Everything’s for free, of course.

Although your hero is as valiant as can be, you will need to train new recruits and build an army of fearless warriors to overcome even the greatest obstacles. Each and every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses and in Stormfall: Age of War, it is your responsibility to use them well. Ordering your workers to come up with new constructions is the first step in taking over the fantasy world in this browser game. Having a Temple of War to benefit from relics or an Eagle’s Nest to scout for new settlements will help you move up the leaderboard and show other players what it means to be king.

The number one rule to conquering the entire map is keeping a close eye on your resources. You will need gemstones, gold, iron and food to strengthen your soldiers and reach new heights in Stormfall: Age of War. Don’t hesitate to reach out to allied players when you are in dire need of one or the other; joining forces with other commanders can help you out in sticky situations. Reach out to like-minded players via the in-game chat system to converse about the latest strategies or to come up with new ways to take over the colorful browser game.

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Stormfall: Age of War Game of the Day

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    02/04/2015 08:35 am - Being a king is no easy feat. It definitely requires passion, time, and strategic thinking on all levels. While I usually would describe myself as a modest person, I was quite convinced that I had what it takes to be the leader of my own kingdom...more

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