Stormblades: Kiloo Announces New Action Mobile Game

02/09/2015 07:30 am by Anna Radak in NewsActionFantasy



Kiloo seems to be on a roll and apparently has no plan of stopping anytime soon: Just a few months ago, the studio released a brand-new game by the name of Smash Champs. Now, the team is ready to unveil another project: Stormblades, a hack’n’slash action game that’s scheduled to become available on iOS and Android mobile devices in March. As the main protagonist of the game, you will pick up a massive sword and head into ancient ruins to uncover the secrets that lie within. Why? To prove to your tribe that you have what it takes to conquer all evil and defeat hordes of nefarious monsters.
In Stormblades, players will be asked to swing their weapon and tap the touchscreen of their smartphone or tablet to take down anyone - or anything - that might stand in their way. Quick reflexes and nimble fingers will be needed to slay boss monsters and champions alike. There’s no further information on the new mobile game and its features as of yet, but expect more details to pop up in within the next few weeks as we’re approaching the official release in March.

Source: Official game homepage
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